See-Mode /
Breast & Thyroid

See-Mode automatically identifies and classifies lesions, reducing reporting time and improving consistency.
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See-Mode – Breast Study
Thyroid Ultrasound
Find and classify lesions.
See-Mode detects lesions in Ultrasound images. Assigning feature classifications to each lesion, in line with the BI-RADS and TI-RADS reporting schemas. Sonographers can review and adjust results prior to finalising.
Comparing Nodules
Automatically compare current and prior images.
In follow-up scans, See-Mode allows for fast comparisons between old and new images, and will automatically highlight changes in lesion characteristics.
Radiology Reporting
Accelerate report completion 
and turnaround.
A preliminary report, complete with lesion classifications and diagrams can be generated and sent to PACS and Radiology reporting systems.

How it works.

Once the Sonographer has completed their scan, the images are automatically forwarded to See-Mode for analysis. See-mode then produces a clinical report which can be sent directly to the Radiologist for completion.
See-Mode connects to PACS, Sonographer workstations and Radiologist workstations.

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