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Meet the team...
Sadaf Monajemi
Co-Founder and Director
Milad Mohammadzadeh
Co-Founder and Director
Robin Lange
Computer Vision Engineer
Sethu Raman Boopathy
Fluid Dynamics Engineer
Melih Engin
Deep Learning Engineer
Daniel Bell
Software Engineer
Jing Qin
Software Engineer
Oliver Howden
Technical Lead
Andras Nemes
R&D Strategist
Fiona Campbell
Regulatory Affairs Manager
Akansha Gupta
Software Engineer
Soren Christensen
Medical Imaging Specialist
Neil Ferreira
DevOps Engineer
Jeremy Wilson
Senior Account Manager
Shehan Bala
Head of Product
Geoffrey Pascoe
Head of Engineering
Shruti Surendrakumar
Machine Learning Engineer
Chris Charlton
Data Engineer
Ian Schroen
Clinical Specialist, Ultrasound
Samantha Dussin
Clinical Specialist, Ultrasound
Ilona Lavender
Clinical Specialist, Ultrasound
Martin Necas
Clinical Specialist, Ultrasound
Louise Worley
Clinical Specialist, Ultrasound
Our renowned clinical collaborators
Prof. Bruce Campbell
Neurologist and Head of Stroke at Royal Melbourne Hospital
Prof. Vincent Thijs
Neurologist and Head of Stroke at Austin Health, Co-Head of Stroke at Florey
Prof. Vijay Sharma
Senior Neurologist at National University Hospital, Singapore
Prof. Leonard Yeo
Interventional Neurologist  at National University Hospital, Singapore
Prof. Ruth Lim
Radiologist at Austin Health, Professor at University of Melbourne
Dr. Amine Korchi
Neuroradiologist, Switzerland
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