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See-Mode detects vascular pathologies such as stenoses, occlusions and reflux in ultrasound images and constructs a complete clinical report.
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Vascular Exams
Full vascular coverage.
Study types supported by See-Mode include carotid, lower limb arteries + veins, upper limb arteries + veins, AAA, mesenteric arteries and renal arteries.
Vascular Canvas
Automatic diagrams and reports.
See-Mode uses AI to analyse the images from vascular ultrasound scans, automatically populates diagrams with clinical findings, and instantly produces highly accurate reports.
Advanced drawing tools
Review and modify with ease.
Analysis results can be reviewed quickly and easily. See-Mode's intuitive tools allow for fast modifications, ensuring that pathologies are represented as accurately as possible.
Cloud based, no complex 
IT integrations.
See-Mode integrates with your existing PACS and Radiology reporting systems. No expensive IT implementations or app installations are required.
See-Mode connects to PACS, Sonographer workstations and Radiologist workstations.

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