14 November 2022
See-Mode Technologies Receives Health Canada Approval for AI Software that Automatically Analyses and Reports Breast & Thyroid Ultrasound Scans
See-Mode + Health Canada
See-Mode Technologies, a MedTech company based in Australia that is on a mission to unlock the hidden insights within medical imaging, today announced that it has received approval from Health Canada for its product expansion to support Breast & Thyroid ultrasound examinations.

See-Mode uses Artificial Intelligence to detect lesions in ultrasound images, then assigns feature classifications to each lesion, in line with the American College of Radiology’s BI-RADS and TI-RADS rating systems. Sonographer worksheets, complete with lesion classifications and diagrams are instantly generated and sent to PACS, while preliminary impressions are sent to radiology reporting systems. In follow-up scans, See-Mode allows for fast comparison between old and new images, and will automatically highlight changes in lesion characteristics.

“Receiving approval from Health Canada is a significant step forward for us at See-Mode, which demonstrates the applicability of our software beyond the vascular studies we currently support”, said Dr Milad Mohammadzadeh, Co-Founder and Director, See-Mode Technologies. “Working closely with clinicians we learned that the reporting of Breast & Thyroid examinations was notoriously time consuming, subjective, and error prone, especially when there are multiple lesions present. We are excited to enable clinicians across Canada to complete their reports more efficiently and provide a second set of eyes on the study making sure nothing is missed.”
“See-Mode represents a tremendous step forward by combining the power of Artificial Intelligence with the expertise of a clinical sonographer and radiologist. See-Mode eliminates tedious manual steps in the interpretation and reporting of ultrasound images, improves efficiency and provides unparalleled consistency of reporting between different members of the radiology team. This is a system that truly understands the content of ultrasound images.”
Martin Necas, Specialist Sonographer
Waikato Hospital, Clinical Consultant for See-Mode.
Studies conducted by See-Mode determined there were large inconsistencies in describing the characteristics of nodules and lesions by sonographers. For Thyroid studies, See-Mode has the potential to reduce unnecessary biopsies and improve the accuracy of the biopsies that are performed. With Breast ultrasound examinations, See-Mode assists clinicians to detect malignancy that may otherwise go undiscovered or misclassified.
About See-Mode Technologies
See-Mode applies cutting-edge deep learning and computational modeling techniques on medical images to empower clinicians to improve their clinical workflow and patient outcomes. See-Mode’s first product, AVA,  automatically analyses and reports on vascular ultrasound studies. AVA, is currently clinically live across the US, Australia, Singapore, and New Zealand. See-Mode has offices in Singapore and Australia and is backed by prominent venture capital firms in APAC, including MassMutual Ventures, Blackbird Ventures, Cocoon Capital, and SGInnovate.
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